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관리자 2016.07.28 08:58 조회 수 : 963

We would like to invite foreigners who are currently residing in Korea

for their participation

in 2016 MAMF World Bazaar.


Period: Sept 30th (Fri)~Oct 2nd (Sun)


Venue: Seongsan Art Hall


Provisions: Tent (3*6), 2 tables 2 chairs per team, will be provided by the organizers.


Operating hours: From 10 AM~ 6 PM


How to apply: Please send attached application and a list of the items you sell via e-mail

Tel: 055-277-8779/E-mail:


Required documents: Application, list of items to be sold


Deadline of Application: July 30th, 2016


Booth location will be assigned by the host (MAMF) according to participation scale and characteristic of

items. Items which are not included in the submitted list or not conforming to product display the festival organizer standards, may be confiscated or not allowed to be displayed. For more detailed information

please call 055-277-8779 (Tina Yun)


Participants will be responsible for the safety of all their products and personal property during their stay

in the tent. MAMF does not have any liability for any loss, damage or unfortunate events occurring at the bazaar tent. The vendors are responsible for all items they are selling. In case purchaser requires reimbursement or compensation for defective or returned products, this matter is between the vendor and the buyer only and does not involve MAMF and/or any of the organizers.



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